Word on the Hills Interview with Patricia Calder


Born into a prolific family of eight writers, Patricia Calder started scribbling at age eleven in a Hilroy notebook which she carried on field adventures. Her novel, ROADBLOCK, was published in April, 2015. It is available on Amazon, Kobo, and by contacting Patricia through this website..

She has studied fiction writing under Canadian authors Matt Cohen, Matthew Anthony Corrigan, Katherine Govier, Anne Simpson, and Christy Ann Conlin, among others.

A qualified English teacher, she has taught literature, journalism, and creative writing in high schools, community colleges, and at York University.

She has visited 22 countries, lived abroad, and crossed Canada several times.

Patricia Calder now lives in Colborne, Ontario, where she can always view the water.

Also by Patricia Calder:

“Ripples in a Pond” and “Roots” in Hill Spirits III, Blue Denim Press, 2017.
“Deadhead”, “Close to the Wind”, and “Last Call” in Hill Spirits, Blue Denim Press, 2012.

“The Unexpected Gifts of Alzheimer’s” in The Globe & Mail, May 9, 2011.

“Stand Down, Soldier” in Remembrance Day editions, Northumberland Today and The Belleville Intelligencer, 2008. (Am I right about the year?) Short-listed in the single column award category by The Word Guild, May 2010. Subsequently published on twenty military websites and read on Remembrance Day on the radio and in ceremonies in 2009.

“Phone Calls in the Night” in Transition, Spring 2010.
“You’ll Have to Change Yer Ways”, “I’ll Meet You on the Other Side of the Stars”, and “The Mirror” in Changing Ways, Hidden Brook Press, 2008.
“Expropriation” in Choice Works, Volume 15, 2006-2010.

“The Shadow of My Uncle” and “Forced Landings” in Northumberland Today and The Intelligencer, Remembrance Day editions, 2009 and 2011, respectively.

Earlier articles by Patricia Calder were published under the surname Cooper in Outdoor Canada, His Magazine , the Toronto Sun, and CBC Radio.