The Two Faces of Patricia Calder


Late afternoon or evening is the time I head out of the house with my camera. The slanted rays at the end of the day add luminosity to land, water, and the coats of animals. I like to capture the many moods, motions, and personality of the horses, animals, birds, and other subjects I photograph.

My catalogue of horse photographs includes: Sable Island Horses, Andalusian, Hanoverian, Dutch Warmblood, Arab-Connemara, Shire, Belgian, Percheron, Friesian, Canadian Horse, Standardbred Horse, Quarter Horse, Palomino, Pinto, Appaloosa, wild mustang, Welsh Pony, Newfoundland Pony, Gypsy Vanner, Norwegian Fjord.

I am available for on-site assignments. We set an appointment and meet at a location of your choice. I capture approximately 500 images, select the best, make adjustments with the latest post processing software, and later present you with about 25 proofs. Prices are fair, competitive, and reasonable. No obligation to buy prints you don’t like!

All in all I have 50 years experience taking pictures. People who have seen my images remarked that I had a ‘good eye’ before I knew what a ‘good eye’ was.

My photographic art cards are available at the Art Gallery of Northumberland in Victoria Hall, Cobourg, Side Street Gallery in Wellington, Rhonda’s Framing, Cree Gifts in Colborne, and several arts and crafts shows.

All images on this site are protected by copyright. Under Canadian copyright law, no photograph may be copied in any form without consent and compensation to the artist who first captured the image. Thank you for respecting my work.


Born into a prolific family of eight authors, Patricia Calder started writing at age 11 in a Hilroy notebook which she carried on field adventures.

Always a lover of stories, she has taught literature, journalism, and creative writing in high schools, community colleges, and at York University. When she retired as Head of the English department, she was the driving force behind the school newspaper and literary magazine.

She has studied fiction writing under Canadian authors Matt Cohen, Katherine Govier, Anne Simpson, and Christy Ann Conlin, among others.

Since devoting herself full-time to writing, ten of her short stories and creative nonfiction pieces have been published, and three of these have won recognition. She is currently finishing a novel.

Patricia Calder lives in Colborne, Ontario, and summers in Prince Edward Island. She has two children. Her other passions are photography and music.