Word on the Hills Interview with Patricia Calder

Publishing Credits

The novel Roadblock was completed and edited by Diane Schoemperlen in 2013.

Short stories “Deadhead,” “Close to the Wind”, and “Last Call” were published in the anthology Hill Spirits, by Blue Denim Press, October 2012.

“The Unexpected Gifts of Alzheimer’s” was published in The Globe & Mail on May 9, 2011.

“Forced Landings” appeared in both Northumberland Today and The Intelligencer, Remembrance Day edition, 2011.

(The story “Deadhead” was shortlisted in the Writers’ Union competition of 2010. “Road Block” (excerpt of novel in progress) was long-listed in the 2011 competition.)

“Stand Down, Soldier” was published in both Northumberland Today newspaper and The Intelligencer newspaper. The piece then went viral on the internet, appearing on at least twenty military websites.  It was co-opted by Mike O’Leary for his column in The New Tanner of Acton, ON. On Remembrance Day 2009 “Stand Down, Soldier” was read on K-LEE radio 1600 AM Cape Breton, and by soldier Tim Cooke at the Rockwood, ON ceremony. In May 2010 it was short-listed for an award by The Word Guild in the single column category.

“Phone Calls in the Night” appeared in Transitions, the magazine of the Canadian Mental Health Association, Saskatchewan division, Spring 2010.

“The Shadow of My Uncle” appeared in both Northumberland Today newspaper and The Intelligencer newspaper, Remembrance Day edition, 2009.

“You’ll Have to Change Yer Ways”, “I’ll Meet You on the Other Side of the Stars”, and “The Mirror” were published in the anthology, Changing Ways, Hidden Brook Press, 2008.

“Expropriation” appeared in the Canadian Writer’s Journal anthology, Choice Works, Volume 15, 2006-2010.

Patricia Calder’s articles were published under the surname Cooper in Outdoor Canada (twice), His Magazine (twice), the Toronto Sun, and CBC radio.